About AllazoHealth

We tackle the problem of medication non-adherence through predictive analytics and personalized interventions. Our purpose is to empower patients to better manage their illnesses to improve health and reduce billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs incurring each year in U.S. alone.

Our AllazoEngine™ combines behavioral science research, industry expertise, and advanced predictive analytics to anticipate medication non-adherence, and forecasts the most effective intervention strategy for each individual patient. Our approach enables our clients to design and implement efficient medication adherence programs. We provide services to PBMs, health insurers, ACOs and hospital systems.

Our Story

AllazoHealth was founded on the premise that each individual is unique. After building an award-winning medication adherence program used by over 14 million patients our CEO, Clifford Jones, realized the need for predictive analytics and individualized intervention targeting to better combat patient non-adherence. Unable to find these techniques properly utilized in any major program, Clifford brought together experts in machine learning, statistics, and medication adherence to form AllazoHealth in 2011.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare expenditures incurred each year in the U.S. alone, which allows the healthcare industry to improve health by reallocating this money effectively.


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