New Survey on Managed Care Orgs Medication Adherence Programs

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We tackle the problem of medication non-adherence through predictive analytics and personalized interventions.

Our vision is to reduce billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare expenditures incurring each year in the U.S. alone, which allows the healthcare industry to improve health by reallocating this money effectively.

We predict medication non-adherence, forecast the most effective intervention strategy for each individual patient, and work with our clients to design and implement efficient medication adherence programs.


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   Maximize ROI on Interventions


AllazoGreen Checkmark   Reduce Medical Spending and Readmissions


AllazoGreen Checkmark    Raise HEDIS Scores and Star Ratings


AllazoGreen Checkmark   Increase Rx Volume

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Our Clients

Health Plan & PBM

> Raise HEDIS Scores

> Achieve higher Medicare Star Ratings

> Reduce medical spend with improved medication adherence

> Increase the ROI of adherence programs.

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ACO & Provider

> Improve quality measure performance

> Reduce medical spend

> Increase pay for performance and shared savings payments

> Reduce readmissions and improve outcomes

> Better manage and evaluate resource allocation for medication adherence programs

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