Medication Non-Adherence bring millions in avoidable costs



AllazoHealth can predict whether you’ll take your pills. Why that might be worth big money

How can predictive data analytics improve medication adherence?

The Next Generation in Personalized Medicine and Medication Adherence Programs

AllazoHealth Partners With ACCGNY to Expand its AllazoEngine Technology to Historically Underserved Patients

CEO Cliff Jones Looks at Types of Interventions

CEO Cliff Jones Looks at Types of Interventions, Use of Analytics for Managed Care

Former Healthways Exec, Anne Wilkins, Joins AllazoHealth’s Advisory Board

Patient Engagement Systems® and AllazoHealth Join Together to Enhance the Management of High Cost Chronic Care Patients

Charles Boothe Joins AllazoHealth as Vice President, Sales and Business Development


How Can Predictive Analytics Improve Medication Adherence?

AllazoHealth wins at Strata Rx Start-up Showcase

The Invasion of the Health Apps

Allazo Noted as an “Entrepreneur Saving Healthcare”

AllazoHealth presents at Health Datapalooza 2013

AllazoHealth CEO presents impact of AllazoEngine at Health Datapalooza 2013

5 Innovative Startups Using Big Data to Tackle Diabetes

Five Innovative Startups Using Big Data to Tackle Diabetes

Health IT Startup can predict adherence and forecast best intervention strategy

Health IT Startup Can Predict Adherence and Forecast Best Intervention Strategy

AllazoHeatlh CEO at Wharton Health Care Conference Shows how Predictive Analytics and Individualized Intervention Targeting Promote Medication Adherence

AllazoHealth Presents at Wharton Health Care Conference


Leveraging Mobile in Support of Data-Driven Healthcare

Meet Blueprint Health’s Latest Class of Startups

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