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Adherence Predictions + Patient Prioritization

The FORECAST Package is a stand-alone analytics package designed to improve existing medication adherence programs. We input your partial or complete population data into our AllazoMAP technology, tailoring it to fit your needs and the needs of your patients. We return your data with each patient’s predicted adherence to each of their medications and a patient-level priority ranking, easily loaded into existing clinical software. By accurately predicting both short and long term adherence patterns, we give you the insight necessary to execute interventions while minimizing risk.

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IMPACT Package

Adherence Predictions Patient Prioritization + Individualized Intervention Targeting

The IMPACT Package encompasses FORECAST Package services and provides AllazoLIFT powered intervention targeting. We target the right interventions to the right patients by predicting which interventions will best influence patient behavior. You will receive daily intervention targeting files that identify the most cost-effective interventions for each individual patient. Combining this data with your existing intervention infrastructure allows you to enhance your strategies to maximize ROI while keeping your adherence programs intact.

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TOTAL Package

Adherence Predictions Patient Prioritization Individualized Intervention Targeting + Intervention Delivery

In addition to adherence forecasting, patient prioritization, and intervention targeting, we operate as a full-service solution with intervention plans established by us and delivered to patients by our partners. After your needs are identified, we directly handle all facets of your medication adherence solutions and are committed to meeting your objectives such as increasing star ratings, raising HEDIS scores, or reducing medical spending.

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Custom Package

Flexible Solution

We understand your objectives, populations, and programs are unique. Our flexible, machine learning technologies allow us to directly meet your needs and create solutions that leverage your expertise and best impact your patients.

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