The AllazoEngine

The AllazoEngine leverages thousands of variables on each patient to predict their medication adherence and response to specific adherence interventions.


Trained across millions of patients, the AllazoEngine accurately and reliably correlates thousands of data variables with levels of adherence. Collectively these variables provide a robust depiction for each individual patient’s risk score to be non-adherent in the future.


AllazoHealth prioritizes the patients who are both at risk of becoming non-adherent and whose behaviors can be changed through proactive interventions. This cuts out unnecessary and often burdensome patient outreach to streamline your intervention strategy. Furthermore, interventions are much more successful when intervening proactively with at-risk patients instead of waiting until patients become non-adherent.


While knowing who to intervene with is important, knowing how and when to intervene is just as critical. The AllazoEngine predicts the impact of multiple intervention channels and messages to select the most ideal combination for each individual patient.


With time, the AllazoEngine becomes more in-tune with and nuanced to the specific population of each client. In other words, as more interventions are delivered, the AllazoEngine becomes even better at delivering the right intervention, to the right patient, at the right time.

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