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AllazoMAP: Medication Adherence Predictions & Patient Prioritization

AllazoMAP is a stand-alone analytics solution designed to improve existing medication adherence programs. This machine learning technology has been engineered to incorporate partial or complete population data and uses predictive analytics to forecast individual patient adherence levels to each of their medications. It also generates a patient-level priority ranking that can be easily integrated into existing clinical software. By accurately predicting both short and long term adherence patterns, AllazoMAP provides the insight necessary to execute interventions while minimizing risk.



AllazoLIFT: Individualized, Predictive Intervention Targeting

Using patient prediction and prioritization data generated by AllazoMAP, AllazoLIFT targets the right interventions to the right patients by predicting which interventions will best influence patient behavior. AllazoLIFT generates daily intervention targeting files that identify the most cost-effective interventions for each individual patient. Combining this data with existing intervention infrastructure, AllazoLIFT maximizes ROI while keeping adherence programs intact.


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