Delivering personalized patient interventions for better outcomes.

AllazoHealth is a healthcare technology company that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to optimize patient outcomes. Our AI engine targets high-risk patients who are most likely to respond to interventions.

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AllazoHealth Leadership Team

Clifford Jones
Founder and CTO
William Grambley
Francis Barker
Dr. Linda Schultz
Chief Clinical and Customer Success Officer
Paul O'Neill
Vice President, Business Development
Balamurugan Sivakolunthu Vel
Senior Director, Data Engineering
Hang Vuong
Senior Director, Marketing
Kevin Leung
Senior Director, Data Analytics and Reporting

Predict high-risk patients with the greatest potential for change.

Use our AI engine to identify high-risk patients who are most likely to change their behaviors for more efficient, cost-effective interventions.

Predict high-risk patients

Deliver personalized engagements for each individual patient.

Ensure each patient intervention is personalized by channel, content, and timing to increase the likelihood of success and improve cost-effectiveness.

Deliver personalized engagements for each patient

Enhance patient engagement programs to improve outcomes.

Leverage AI to deliver innovative patient support programs that result in better therapy initiation, health outcomes, and quality ratings.

Enhance patient engagement programs

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