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Digital Transformation in Patient Support Programs: How to Improve Medication Adherence with AI

Digital transformation has arrived in the pharmaceutical industry, and it’s the way of the future. Embracing the next wave of digital transformation is a must for pharmaceutical companies today. Despite initial hesitation around adopting next-gen technology, more pharma brand managers… Read

How to Implement AI Across Every Stage of the Drug Lifecycle

Nearly all pharmaceutical companies build and launch patient support programs to improve therapy initiation and medication adherence. Patient support is essential for helping optimize medication use and increasing engagement with patient-centered initiatives. Offering artificial intelligence (AI)-powered support services throughout the… Read

Employee Spotlight: Meet Linda Schultz

It’s not every day that you meet someone like Linda Schultz, our chief customer and clinical officer here at AllazoHealth. Learn all about Linda, including how she started her career, the role she’s in now, her personal hobbies and interests,… Read

Pros and Cons of Value-Based Contracts

Over the last 15 years, there has been a shift in the healthcare industry from the traditional fee-for-service model to value-based contracts. Rather than paying for healthcare services based only on the number of services provided, a value-based contract is… Read

PQA 2022 Recap: Key Topics and Takeaways from the Annual Meeting

In May, long-time Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) member AllazoHealth joined healthcare professionals at PQA’s annual meeting. In addition to annual meetings, AllazoHealth has previously joined PQA’s leadership summits with other key individuals from the member organizations to discuss upcoming goals,… Read

5 Strategies to Simplify Complex Medication Regimens

Ensuring proper medication adherence is essential for managing chronic conditions and maintaining overall health and well-being. However, barriers can result in non-adherence—especially for patients with more complex medication regimens. What makes a regimen complex? Both the number of medications and… Read

How Patient-Centered Care Can Improve Adherence

Healthcare is transitioning to a patient-centered care model rather than a care model centered around illness. Evidence shows that adopting a treatment approach focused on the patient, leads to better health outcomes. Patient-centered care involves making decisions while keeping the… Read

5 Medication Adherence Tools to Consider

Medication non-adherence is a serious issue contributing to increased healthcare costs, poor quality of life, health deterioration, and treatment failure. For every 100 prescriptions written, only around 25-30 are taken as directed. Fortunately, there are tools available to help reduce… Read

4 Ways to Help Patients Overcome Medication Adherence Barriers

Medication non-adherence is a significant challenge in healthcare today. Not only does non-adherence account for approximately 33-69 percent of hospital admissions, but it can also result in treatment failure, health deterioration, increased healthcare costs, poor quality of life, and negative… Read

Timing Is Everything: The Importance of Taking Medication on Time

We talk a lot about the importance of medication adherence on our blog—but being truly adherent is not only about taking medications as frequently as prescribed but also about taking the right dose, in the right way, and at the… Read

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