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Our Leadership Team

AllazoHealth was founded on the premise that every patient is unique. After building an award-winning medication adherence program used by over 14 million patients, our founder Clifford Jones realized the need for predictive analytics and individualized intervention targeting to better combat patient non-adherence. Unable to find these techniques properly utilized in any major program, Clifford brought together experts in artificial intelligence, digital health, and medication adherence to form AllazoHealth.

After going to market in 2016, AllazoHealth is now leading the development and deployment of revolutionary analytical solutions that are improving patient outcomes and managing medical costs by influencing patients to adopt healthier behaviors.

Clifford Jones, CEO Of AllazoHealth

Clifford Jones, Founder and CTO

William Grambley, Chief Operating Officer At AllazoHealth

William Grambley, CEO

Francis Barker, Chief Financial Officer

Francis Barker, CFO

Devraj Mukherjee, Vice President, Business Development At AllazoHealth

Devraj Mukherjee, VP, Business Development

Linda Schultz, Vice President Of Customer Success At AllazoHealth

Dr. Linda Schultz, VP, Customer Success

Balamurugan Sivakolunthu Vel, Director, Data Engineering

Balamurugan Sivakolunthu Vel, Director, Data Engineering


Mark Degatano, Advisory Board

Stephen Cohan, Advisory Board

Greg Watanabe

Greg Watanabe, Advisory Board

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