Improve patient outcomes and quality performance with AI.

Improving performance year over year is a must for payers and PBMs. AllazoHealth’s AI engine makes it possible by targeting high-risk patients with personalized, cost-effective interventions.

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AllazoHealth by the Numbers

5.5 x
uplift in adherence
8 %
of patients more likely to adhere
23 %
less spent on interventions
97 %
predictive accuracy

Improve patient outcomes to dramatically increase your quality ratings.

Make a positive impact on patient outcomes and watch Star ratings, HEDIS scores, QRS ratings, and Medicaid quality measures rise with timely, cost-effective interventions powered by AllazoHealth’s AI engine.

Boost patient adherence

Focus on the interventions that are most likely to succeed.

Enable your team to work more efficiently by using artificial intelligence to hone in on high-risk patients who are most likely to respond to interventions.

Focus on successful interventions

Optimize your patient interventions over time with AI technology.

Advanced artificial intelligence gets smarter over time, continuously learning from new data and enabling payers and PBMs to optimize patient engagement programs for better outcomes and quality performance.

Optimize your patient interventions

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