Optimize medication use and deepen your patient engagements.

AllazoHealth’s AI engine helps pharmaceutical companies overcome adherence barriers to increase days on therapy, improve patient engagement, encourage therapy initiation, and optimize medication use for better health outcomes.

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Optimize medication use

AllazoHealth by the Numbers

13 %
increase in days on therapy
7.8 %
increase in conversion rates*
6.5 %
increase in engagement rates
2.5 x
increase in savings card redemptions

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*For patients within 90 days of enrollment

Personalize targeting to enhance your patient engagement programs.

Use our advanced AI technology to identify high-risk patients and deliver personalized interventions based on channel, content, and timing to achieve the best results.

Personalize targeting

Deliver targeted, cost-effective interventions to improve patient outcomes.

Predict which digital channels will result in the most effective interventions and leverage your discoveries to deliver hyper-personalized patient engagements with a greater impact at a lower cost.

Deliver targeted, cost-effective interventions

Drive brand performance without increasing costs or resources.

Elevate your pharmaceutical brand and product performance with personalized interventions that positively impact patient behaviors and deliver better, more cost-effective outcomes.

Drive brand performance

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