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Pharmaceutical companies:
Improve your patient support program


Greater uplift
on therapy


Additional days
on therapy

Looking for a better patient experience that drives brand performance?

AllazoHealth’s artificial intelligence engine accurately predicts patient non-adherence. The result: personalized engagements that deliver increased persistence and better patient outcomes for pharmaceutical companies.

By targeting individual patients based on their historical behavior and unique attributes, the AllazoHealth AI engine predicts the most effective engagement, personalized by channel, content, and timing.

And our artificial intelligence engine gets smarter over time, so your patient support program will continuously improve and deliver more value.

Benefits of AI-powered patient engagement

Pharmaceutical Companies - Support Patient Health

Supports patient health

Pharmaceutical Companies - Optimizes Patient Experience

Optimizes patient experience

Pharmaceutical Companies - Promotes Brand Loyalty

Promotes brand loyalty

Leading pharma brand achieves increased days on therapy

Uplift on days on therapy: 365 days from first fill

Learn how AllazoHealth used AI to optimize patient engagement in a leading pharmaceutical company’s patient support program.