Drive improved clinical outcomes for increased quality performance.

AllazoHealth’s AI engine empowers pharmacies to target patients at risk of non-adherence with personalized, cost-effective interventions that boost ROI on pay-for-performance contracts and drive better outcomes.

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AllazoHealth by the Numbers

52 %
of patients more likely to refill
2.3 x
uplift in fill rate
97 %
predictive accuracy

Deliver high-quality engagements that are personalized for each patient.

More opportunities to engage patients exist than ever before. Our AI engine predicts the most effective intervention for each patient, personalized by channel, content, and timing for the greatest impact.

Delivering high-quality engagements

Increase your reimbursement with more productive DIR contracts.

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness of your patient interventions and achieve more productive DIR contracts, higher quality performance scores, and better reimbursement rates.

Increase your reimbursement

Optimize and refine your patient engagement program over time.

AllazoHealth’s AI engine continuously learns from new data and gets smarter over time, enabling pharmacies to optimize their patient engagement programs over time to deliver as much value as possible.

Optimize and refine your medication adherence program

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