AllazoHealth Appoints New Board of Directors Member, Bill Moult


New York, NY –  AllazoHealth, the leading AI and predictive analytics company focused on improving medication adherence, announced today that Bill Moult will be appointed to the Board of Directors. Prior to joining AllazoHealth’s board, Mr. Moult was the President and CEO at a number of respected marketing and media research and analytics organizations.

“We are so pleased to have Bill join our board. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge particularly around the growth of research and analytics organizations. Additionally, his experience building and cultivating collaboration between the research and business worlds will be key as AllazoHealth continues to grow its partnerships,” said Clifford Jones, the CEO and Founder of AllazoHealth.

Mr. Moult has an MBA from The Wharton School and a doctorate from Harvard Business School. He counts over 30 years of experience working with companies at various stages of development as well as new ventures. As President of BASES, he helped put the company on a significant growth trajectory that positioned it well for long-term success in its industry. He has created a strong client orientation and an enduring professional culture in every company he has led. In the years that followed, Bill took on multiple leadership positions, including at The Nielsen Company where he served as its first President of Media Analytics. Though he may have developed his self-described “stubborn persistence” in business endeavors, he has also applied the same trait to dozens of marathons and triathlons completed over the years. Most recently, he’s been working as an independent investor and advisor for innovative research and analytics companies, which led him to AllazoHealth.

Bill’s decision to join the AllazoHealth board was founded in his desire to support entrepreneurial companies that are focused on utilizing research and analytics to provide specific, high-value solutions within industries that could most benefit from these advancements.

When asked about his new role, Moult said, “I have a career-long obsession with helping companies apply their world-class analytics capabilities in order to deliver high value for their clients. That is precisely the opportunity AllazoHealth has today in the fast-developing arena of predictive analytics for medication adherence.” Mr. Moult will be joining AllazoHealth’s board of directors effective immediately.

View the full press release here.

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