7 Questions Asked at the 2021 PQA Leadership Summit


In November, the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) hosted its 2021 Leadership Summit, a hands-on event where key executives from member organizations come together to detail PQA goals, objectives, and initiatives. As a long-time PQA member, AllazoHealth’s leadership team were summit attendees.

During the networking sessions, we kept track of some of the burning questions that seemed to come up again and again about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it’s used in evolving patient support programs. In this article, we answer each of those questions to provide a clear understanding of what we do and how technologies like ours can advance medication use.

PQA Leadership Summit: Your Top Questions Answered

What types of patient support programs can AI help optimize?

Healthcare AI technology has the power to optimize patient support programs designed to improve medication adherence, enhance medication management, close gaps in care, and more. Each of these programs includes interventions such as medication counseling, training, support, and reminders to optimize medication use among various patient populations.

Why is it important to personalize interventions for each patient?

Rather than implementing a strictly rules-based program, an AI engine that is fueled by machine learning and predictive analytics enables healthcare organizations to personalize interventions by channel, messaging, and timing. Personalization for each patient helps improve the likelihood of initiating a lasting behavioral change.

What are some examples of gaps in care that AI can help fill?

Using AI technology, we are now able to fill many gaps in care, both medication-related and otherwise. For example, many pharmacies, payers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers use AI to increase medication adherence, encourage patients to get recommended health screenings and immunizations, and more. AI can also be used to target providers on therapy optimization opportunities that remind them of gaps in care.

Leading pharma company saw 4.6 times greater uplift on therapy using data-driven patient targeting. >>

Why is it important to understand quality measure scoring?

Not all quality measures are created equal, making it essential to understand the differences. Some quality measures are triple-weighted, meaning they carry more weight than others during calculations. Some also have downstream effects on each other. With there being so many measures and scoring methodologies that differ across systems, AI can be a helpful tool deciding the best place to focus resources on to reach business goals. Plus, quality measures are ever-evolving—especially amid the pandemic.

What type of data is essential for an AI system to incorporate?

AI learns from large datasets pulled from several different sources, including health and medical claims data, historical patient support program insights, consumer behaviors, social determinants of health (SDOH), and more. From there, AI uses the data coupled with its learnings to get smarter and optimize as it goes. The more the data the engine is learning from, the better!

How is AllazoHealth’s AI Engine used in patient engagement programs?

AllazoHealth’s AI Engine uses a combination of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to enable targeted, personalized patient interventions. This gives pharmacies, health plans, PBMs, and pharmaceutical manufacturers the ability to target the highest-risk patients who are most likely to be impacted by an intervention, and then maximize effectiveness based on the best channel, message, and timing for each individual.

How do pharmacies, payers, and manufacturers benefit from AllazoHealth’s AI Engine?

Pharmacies, payers, and manufacturers benefit from using AllazoHealth’s AI technology in many ways, including:

  • Positive health outcomes
  • Optimized interventions
  • Increased cost-efficiency
  • Better quality performance
  • Years of experience and historic data leading to improved predictions

Optimizing Interventions Using AllazoHealth’s AI Engine

Patient interventions have never been more cost-efficient or effective as those powered by AllazoHealth’s AI Engine. With better targeting and personalization, healthcare organizations can significantly improve quality performance, close gaps in care, and drive improved health outcomes.

Schedule a demo to see AllazoHealth’s technology in action, or get in touch to ask any follow-up questions you may have about the PQA Leadership Summit.

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