Artificial intelligence study demonstrates a 52% uplift in patient adherence indicators

Artificial Intelligence

AllazoHealth, a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help enterprise healthcare companies improve medication adherence and quality outcomes, has released a new study demonstrating the impact of AI on patient adherence indicators. The poster outlining the study was published and awarded a gold medal by the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP). It shows that AI can effectively select which patients will achieve greater uplifts in refill rates by adding a pharmacy-based intervention to a call center intervention.

“Our team was pleased to be awarded a gold ribbon by AMCP, based on our abstract on how AI can uplift adherence indicators,” commented Clifford Jones, CEO of AllazoHealth. “Research like this proves that AI makes a positive impact in patient’s lives. It validates the use of AI for adherence across a wide range of enterprise healthcare organizations.”

A cost effective dual-intervention approach

The poster outlines a study showing the effectiveness of using AI to target high-risk patients who would benefit the most from receiving pharmacy-based interventions in addition to call center interventions. Providing a dual intervention approach, both call center-based and pharmacy-based, is more expensive than just utilizing a call center. Therefore, cost efficiency can be improved by reserving the dual intervention approach for patients where it will provide greater uplift in adherence.

High-risk patients who had a prescription fill due or past-due were selected for medication adherence interventions by the AI. Patients who were predicted to benefit from dual interventions, and then received the interventions, were 52% more likely to refill their prescriptions within 14 days than other groups.

The full poster is available for download at

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