Case study: How a leading pharmacy improved both cost efficiency and effectiveness of patient interventions

Artificial Intelligence Patient Care

Find out how a national retail pharmacy used artificial intelligence (AI) to generate a 2.3 times uplift in medication adherence. At the same time they improved targeting of dual patient interventions to make them more cost-effective.

Making dual interventions for adherence cost-effective

Improving medication adherence by providing a dual intervention approach, both call center-based and pharmacy-based, is more expensive than just utilizing a call center.

In this randomized controlled trial, a leading pharmacy engaged AllazoHealth to determine if artificial intelligence (AI) would improve cost efficiency of dual interventions by targeting patients who would benefit the most.

AI optimized engagements

High-risk patients who had a prescription fill due or past-due were selected for one of two interventions by AllazoHealth’s AI engine: either call center only or dual intervention (call center and pharmacy-based).

The AI engine then predicted the probability of patients filling their medication within 14 days from the date the intervention was targeted.