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CSS Health partners with AllazoHealth to offer a comprehensive patient engagement & medication adherence solution

NEW YORK, NY and TAMPA, FL (June 12, 2019) – CSS Health, a comprehensive medication management, adherence and quality improvement company focused on improving population health, and AllazoHealth, an artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics company focused on ensuring optimal patient outcomes, today announced their new partnership, which will offer a comprehensive patient engagement and medication adherence solution. Through targeted and personalized recommendations from AllazoHealth, CSS Health will be better able to more proactively influence at-risk members to ultimately make healthier choices about adherence.

With the use of AllazoHealth’s proprietary AllazoEngine, which precisely identifies at-risk patients through predictive analytics and targets the right intervention to the right patient at the right time, CSS Health will be able to provide a comprehensive solution that couples high-quality clinical engagement with predictive analytics, while enhancing patient engagement.

“CSS Health is excited to partner with AllazoHealth – a leader in predictive analytics focused on further strengthening adherence, and patient health outcomes. Adherence is the primary predictor of medication effectiveness. With the Allazo partnership, we can now offer our health plan and provider group partners an even more robust adherence solution that will enable them to achieve their clinical goals, whether they use STAR ratings or HEDIS measures.” said Jim Notaro, Chief Clinical Officer at CSS Health.

As part of its patient adherence and engagement offerings, CSS Health will leverage the AllazoEngine to recommend a specific cadence and intervention type through various methods, including motivational text messages to patients, targeted touch-points made by a clinician, or simple reminders delivered through multi-channel services. The AllazoEngine is the only AI platform with its effectiveness validated through a peer-reviewed Randomized Control Trial (RCT). According to the RCT, the AllazoEngine was proven to achieve a 5.5x greater adherence uplift compared to traditional programs.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with CSS Health to provide smarter, more personalized support for all patients, and are excited by the opportunity to partner with the CSS Health team to enhance patient engagement and adherence outcomes,” said Devraj Mukherjee, Vice President, Business Development at AllazoHealth.

View the full press release here.