How smart pill bottles improve adherence

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A smart pill bottle platform improved adherence and patient satisfaction among a small sample of multiple myeloma patients, according to a paper in the November 2019 issue of the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy. The study was conducted by AdhereTech, the smart pill bottle manufacturer, and Avella Specialty Pharmacy.

The study

Among the 40 participants recruited for the single-blinded study, 16 patients from each arm completed their treatment cycle and were included for a six-month analysis. The intervention group received medication in activated smart pill bottles with light signals, audible chimes, text message reminders, and a pharmacist follow-up if weekly adherence rates dropped below 80%. The control group received medication in identical smart pill bottles, but with all alerts deactivated.

Smart pill bottle adherence outcomes

Researchers reported that median medication adherence was higher among those provided the smart pill bottle intervention (100% versus 87%; p = .001), with the lowest adherence rate within the intervention arm at 92%.

In addition, in a post-study survey, 60 percent of intervention program participants rated the full smart pill bottle program very positively.

The annual cost of the smart pill bottle platform and a single pharmacist intervention came to $1,210 per patient, and when paired with the 13% adherence improvement it represents a $96 incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) per percentage adherence.

The researchers wrote “While the study population was small, we postulate that other disease states with oral medication therapy requiring tight dosing windows (e.g., transplant immunosuppressants, opioids or novel oral anticoagulants), complicated dosing regimens or those with low adherence rates may benefit from smart pill bottle and pharmacist-targeted intervention programs.”

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