Specialty drugs: the challenge of therapy initiation

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AllazoHealth’s VP, Business Development Dev Mukherjee recently answered questions about specialty medications and the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies and specialty drug pharmacies in regards to therapy initiation.

What challenges do specialty drug patients experience?

Dev: These medications can be for rare diseases, so you get populations that are not as big as our typical chronic condition populations. The delivery method might be more difficult as well, like a self-injectable. These factors can drive up the cost of the drug.

There are also barriers to therapy initiation. Patients might need to go to the specialty pharmacy or to their doctor to get their prescription. So it’s more complicated than non-specialty medication.

How pharmacies and pharma approach specialty drugs

Dev: Both specialty pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are committed to improving therapy initiation and adherence rates for specialty drugs because it leads to better clinical outcomes. In addition, pharmacies, through their pay for performance contracts, receive greater reimbursement per patient for specialty prescriptions compared to regular medications.

Pharmaceutical companies need to achieve clinical and revenue objectives for their specialty medication, so it’s important that therapy initiation is successful for as many patients as possible.

How are specialty drug patients supported?

Dev: Both pharma and pharmacies use patient support programs for education and interventions. Because the population can be smaller and the therapy often more complex, offering patients extra help and a more personalized engagement is critical for success.

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AllazoHealth uses artificial intelligence to make a positive impact on individual patient behavior. We optimize medication adherence and quality outcomes for pharmaceutical companies, payers, and pharmacies. Our AI technology targets individual patients with the right intervention and content at the right time.

Building on our success in adherence, we have expanded our implementation of AI to include closing gaps in care and improving therapy initiation.

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