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Making the Most of DIR Contracts: Where to Invest and Why

Direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) contracts are diverse. However, they share one common feature: the expectation from payers and PBMs that a pharmacy network will increase its performance and strive for a higher percentile rank year to year. Therefore, retail… Read

Reducing DIR Fees and Maximizing Reimbursement with AI Technology

Direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees are a hot topic in the pharmacy industry, and efforts to regulate DIR fees consistently hit the headlines. Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed substantial changes to DIR regulations to help… Read

Can Pharmacy Interventions Improve Medication Adherence Rates?

If you’re looking for ways to optimize patient medication use, you may find yourself wondering: Can pharmacy interventions improve adherence rates? The short answer is yes. Pharmacy interventions can be incredibly effective in closing gaps in care, increasing medication adherence rates,… Read

DIR contracts: How to prioritize for maximum value

AllazoHealth’s William Grambley, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Linda Schultz, VP, Clinical and Customer Success, address the factors that pharmacies should consider when prioritizing their DIR contracts. Their discussion includes how to evaluate thresholds and population attribution, and how AI… Read

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