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Trending: COVID-19 accelerates healthcare tech

Chronic disease patients benefit from telehealth pilot With COVID-19 closing physicians’ offices and preventing patients from in-person appointments, healthcare organizations have substantially increased use of telehealth. One group of patients that has benefited from the COVID-19-driven rush to telehealth are… Read

Why pharma companies should utilize real-world data

Eli Lilly and Co. and Abbott have made headlines recently for using real-world evidence to prove better adherence and outcomes for its diabetes products. More pharma companies are likely to utilize real-world data to support brands as access improves. Lilly’s… Read

4 keys to a successful medication adherence program

With medication non-adherence costing the industry more than $600 billion a year, many pharmaceutical companies are creating medication adherence programs, often in conjunction with pharmacists and payers. According to Andrea Kasprzyk, Director of Sales at AllazoHealth, “The objective of an… Read

Can copay assistance increase adherence?

Besides being a financial issue for pharmaceutical companies, unfilled prescriptions can lead to poorer health outcomes, drive up overall cost of care, and can have an impact on provider performance under value-based payment models. Pharmaceutical companies often use copay assistance… Read

AI-optimized pharma patient support program drives adherence

A leading pharmaceutical company engaged AllazoHealth on a multi-year project using artificial intelligence to optimize a patient support program for a major product. Overcoming an adherence challenge The pharmaceutical company faced a challenge: An estimated 50% of patents stopped taking… Read

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