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DIR Contracts: How To Prioritize For Maximum Value

DIR contracts: How to prioritize for maximum value

AllazoHealth’s William Grambley, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Linda Schultz, VP, Clinical and Customer Success, address the factors that pharmacies should consider when prioritizing their DIR contracts. Their discussion includes how to evaluate thresholds and population attribution, and how AI…

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Payer Quality Ratings: 7 Best Practices

Payer quality ratings: 7 best practices

Are you responsible for improving your plan’s quality ratings? Learn how to improve your performance on Star and other quality measures. Download our deck and get specific advice for payers on: The influence of population mix on performance Which patients…

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Changes To SUPD In The COVID-19 Era

Changes to SUPD in the COVID-19 era

Even in the midst of COVID-19 concerns and changes in healthcare practice, payers and pharmacies need to continue to be focused on the CMS Star quality care measures. One measure in particular, the Part D “Statin Use for Persons with…

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