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Employee Spotlight: Meet Linda Schultz

It’s not every day that you meet someone like Linda Schultz, our chief customer and clinical officer here at AllazoHealth. Learn all about Linda, including how she started her career, the role she’s in now, her personal hobbies and interests,… Read

Improving Medication Adherence to Specialty Drugs

Adherence to specialty drugs is essential for managing and treating chronic and complex conditions. However, pharmaceutical companies face a myriad of unique challenges in medication adherence to specialty drugs. In fact, a study on specialty populations revealed that 58 percent of patients… Read

Specialty drugs: the challenge of therapy initiation

AllazoHealth’s VP, Business Development Dev Mukherjee recently answered questions about specialty medications and the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies and specialty drug pharmacies in regards to therapy initiation. What challenges do specialty drug patients experience? Dev: These medications can be… Read

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