A World With Our AI Engine

Positive Patient Outcomes Icon
Positive Patient Outcomes
Better care quality leads to more positive patient outcomes and fewer adverse health effects.
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Improved Quality Performance
Increase the effectiveness of patient engagement programs to boost Star and Medicaid quality measures.
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Optimized Adherence
More patients take their medications exactly as prescribed, and populations are healthier because of it.
Reduced Healthcare Costs Icon
Reduced Healthcare Costs
When quality performance goes up, associated costs come down across the entire healthcare continuum.
More Effective Interventions Icon
More Effective Interventions
Customize patient outreach and increase the likelihood of success with hyper-personalized interventions.
Enhanced Patient Experiences Icon
Enhanced Patient Experiences
A healthy patient is a happy patient, and in many cases, better health starts with making sure each patient is satisfied with their experience.

Optimized interventions, outcomes, and efficiencies, brought to you by:

Comprehensive Data Icon

Comprehensive Data

AllazoHealth’s AI engine learns from a number of large, diverse datasets that provide multiple views of patient behavior.

Precise Patient Targeting Icon

Precise Patient Targeting

Using our AI engine, you can precisely target each individual with the right intervention, through the right channel, at the right time to change their behavior.

Personalized Interventions Icon

Personalized Interventions

Learn how and when to intervene using our AI engine’s customized outreach for each patient by channel, content, and timing.

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