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Driving behavioral change to improve patient outcomes

Driving behavioral change to improve patient outcomes

AllazoHealth is a healthcare technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make a positive impact on individual patient behavior

We optimize medication adherence, gaps in care and quality outcomes for pharmaceutical companies, payers, and pharmacies.

Our mission is to advance the use of AI in transforming the way enterprise healthcare organizations engage and improve the health of their patient populations.

We use AI to improve adherence, therapy initiation and quality outcomes for pharmaceutical companies, payers and pharmacies.

Personalized targeting that improves outcomes and efficiency for patient engagement programs

AllazoHealth’s AI engine combines behavioral science and machine learning to target patients who are both at risk of becoming non-adherent and whose behaviors can be changed through intervention. The AI engine then personalizes intervention for each patient by channel, content, and timing for the greatest impact.

Our technology enables patient engagement programs to allocate resources more effectively while improving clinical outcomes.

Positive impact on non-adherence, low therapy initiation, and gaps in care

Today, the core application of our AI engine is to drive behavioral change associated with medication non-adherence, low therapy initiation rates and gaps in care. Our customers include some of the nation’s leading payers, pharmaceutical companies, and pharmacies.

We are the only healthcare AI adherence company to have run a randomized control trial. Partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, we demonstrated a 5.5 times uplift in medication adherence compared with traditional programs.

Contact us today to learn how AllazoHealth’s AI technology can help make your patient engagement program more effective.


Pharmaceutical Companies - AI

Pharmaceutical Companies

AllazoHealth partners with brands to improve patient adherence. We help brands achieve impact by optimizing personalized engagement. The result: better patient outcomes and increased brand performance.

AllazoHealth helps pharmacies increase medication adherence


AllazoHealth uses artificial intelligence to make a positive impact on patient adherence. We work with pharmacies to improve clinical outcomes and increase reimbursement from pay-for-performance contracts such as DIR.

AllazoHealth helps payers and PBMs increase medication adherence

Payers & PBMs

AllazoHealth uses artificial intelligence to improve individual patient adherence. We help payers and PBMs increase effectiveness of patient engagement programs that focus on quality ratings such as Star and Medicaid measures.