“Adherence Intelligence” is the New AI – September 2018 MM&M feature article

In the September 2018 issue of MM&M, Davin Cho, VP of commercial strategy at AllazoHealth, outlines the future of medication adherence in the feature, “Adherence Intelligence is the New AI.”

While medication non-adherence isn’t a new problem, it is one that costs the industry $188 billion per year. On a human level, poor medical adherence causes nearly 125,000 deaths and up to 69 percent of medication-related hospitalizations.

History has shown that general solutions have not proven to be effective, and the reason for this is the lack of specificity. Cho describes how advancements in technology have helped but can still be expensive and ineffective.

Cho believes AI is the answer to medication adherence. AI technology enables the pharma industry to personalize healthcare experiences for patients. Even though some level of segmentation and targeting has been established previously, the way AllazoHealth leverages AI to address the patient at the individual level is groundbreaking.

AllazoHealth has focused on using data and AI to accurately predict how, when, and where to engage patients in order to encourage them to fill and refill their prescriptions.

According to Cho, the key to long-term success with AI in the pharmaceutical industry is to stay focused. “It is easy to be distracted by the possibilities AI offers to positively disrupt healthcare. However, the industry must take slow, meticulous efforts to develop, test, and refine use cases before investing heavily in adoption,” he explains.

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