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Maximize the impact and efficiency of your patient support programs and omni-channel pharma marketing with AllazoHealth. Using artificial intelligence and patient-level data, we can uniquely help you personalize interventions and create the optimal experience for every individual.

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Optimize the impact and efficiency of your patient support programs and omni-channel pharma marketing

Why AllazoHealth?Pharma marketing and patient support programs can be far more effective and efficient


of eligible patients currently use support programs


of new prescriptions are never filled


of people stop taking their medications as directed by month six

$1 in $9

of total US healthcare spending is wasted due to medication nonadherence

PROVEN PERFORMANCEAllazoHealth delivers transformative results through AI


increase in therapy initiation rates


uplift in days on therapy


boost in email engagement rates


lower costs on interventions

Every patient is unique

Meet Vivian and Luis, two fictional patients who on paper appear fairly similar: 30s, same diagnosis, and live in the same city. But in reality, Vivian and Luis have different needs when it comes to starting and staying on a new medication.

Discover how through AI-powered personalization, you can uniquely tailor your outreach strategies to meet every individual’s unique needs.

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OUR SOLUTIONSHow can we maximize patient engagement?

Patient Support Programs - AllazoHealth

Patient Support Programs

Leverage AI to deliver personalized patient support programs that result in better engagement, therapy initiation, adherence, and health outcomes.

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Pharmaceutical Marketing - AllazoHealth

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Maximize your omni-channel pharma campaigns personalized by channel, content, and timing to increase marketing impact, drive sales and adherence, and deliver ROI.

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WHAT WE DOCreate AI-driven healthcare experiences

We leverage the power of AI and identified patient data to help pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations:

Increase Patient Engagement

Increase Patient Engagement

Create true one-to-one patient engagement that improves response rates and conversion, from enrollment and initiation to adherence and long-term compliance.

Drive Patient Outcomes

Drive Patient Outcomes

Influence outcomes at every stage of the patient engagement journey, improving initiation, adherence, and patient experiences.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Unlock efficiencies by focusing resources on at-risk patients and by removing redundant, ineffective communications.

PROVEN PERFORMANCESee the real-world impact of our AI

AllazoHealth is helping to improve medication behaviors and health outcomes for millions of people across the United States.


Evaluating AI-Powered Adherence for At-Risk Patients

Discover how Walgreens partnered with AllazoHealth to advance health equity by delivering AI-driven interventions to high-risk patients based on social vulnerability.

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Leading Pharma Company Increasing the Length of Therapy

Learn how a leading pharmaceutical company used AI to optimize patient engagement with a major pharmaceutical product.

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