Gaps in patient care can lead to:

Poor Health Outcomes Icon
Negative Clinical Outcomes
Higher Healthcare Costs Icon
Higher Healthcare Costs
Increased Hospitalizations Icon
Adverse Health Events
Increased Hospitalizations Icon
Increased Hospitalizations
Poor Therapy Initiation & Continuation Icon
Poor Therapy Initiation & Continuation

Poor care quality is costly in more ways than one. It causes:

1 in 5
new prescriptions are never filled
28 %
don’t follow their medication regimen
50 %
of adverse events are preventable
$ 384 B
in annual adverse events costs by 2022
140 M
prescriptions are abandoned each year

How We Help

We leverage the power of artificial intelligence to help healthcare organizations achieve:

Improved Health Outcomes Icon
Improved Health Outcomes
Improve patient outcomes and quality performance.
Increased Patient Engagement Icon
Increased Patient Engagement
Increase engagement with effective, personalized interventions.
Reduced Healthcare Costs Icon
Reduced Healthcare Costs
Deliver cost-effective interventions to reduce overall spending.

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