Improving the Therapy Initiation & Efficiency of a Leading Immunology Biologic Support Program

Case Study: Improving the Therapy Initiation and Efficiency of a Leading Immunology Biologic Support Program

Biologic therapies, especially injectables, represent a significant advancement in treatment options for various chronic conditions. However, these therapies often require a robust and personalized patient support program to ensure effective treatment initiation and optimal patient outcomes. 

The Challenge

Organizing Disparate Datasets in The Patient Support Program

A leading immunology biologic therapy manufacturer faced significant hurdles in organizing patient data to successfully onboard and help patients through their support program. This lack of coordination resulted in delays in patients receiving medication, wasted time, and increased operating costs. 

The Solution

Using AI to Harmonize Patient Data

AllazoHealth’s expertise in predictive analytics and AI enabled the manufacturer to identify which patients needed help and when, allowing for timely interventions and a personalized support program experience. The approach consolidated disparate data sources, enabling a harmonized view of the patient, personalizing outreach, and streamlining operations.

The Results

Enhanced Efficiency and Impact

With an AI-driven solution, the manufacturer could prioritize patient support, enhance their program, and create a lasting positive impact on patient outcomes. The strategy led to remarkable results, including 7.4% higher therapy initiation rates and the elimination of 400,000 unnecessary tasks.

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