Patient Support Programs

Enhance the patient engagement experience with personalized interventions to help patients start and stay on therapy as prescribed, increasing days on therapy, boosting program efficiency, and improving outcomes.

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Create AI-driven experiences that maximize program performance

It’s estimated that only three percent of eligible patients are currently using patient support programs. PSP and hub services teams are often held back by the limitations of their digital technologies, left unable to drive truly personalized patient engagement. Achieving stronger results requires new solutions. That’s why AllazoHealth purpose built its AI technology to enable one-to-one patient engagement that improves initiation, medication adherence, patient experience, and health outcomes, while optimizing program performance, costs, and efficiencies.

VALIDATED RESULTSAllazoHealth outcomes by the numbers


increase in therapy initiation rate*


greater medication adherence program performance


increase in days on therapy


lower spending on pharmaceutical interventions

*For patients within 90 days of enrollment

Create an outstanding patient experience

Unlike technologies that claim to personalize interventions but actually target to persona groups, AllazoHealth’s AI platform securely and compliantly uses identified, patient-level data to determine the optimal channels, content, timing, cadence, and risk factors for each and every individual patient. So you can meet patients where they are and give them exactly the support they need, right when they need it.

Increase initiation and medication adherence

Predict and target high-risk patients with the greatest potential for behavior change in the channels that will result in the most effective interventions. You can then empower your contact center teams and CRM program managers with these insights to deliver hyper-personalized patient engagements with a greater impact at a lower cost.

Dramatically increase operational efficiency

Do more with less. AllazoHealth can help you unlock efficiencies by focusing efforts on at-risk patients and by removing redundant, ineffective communications. This will enable you to provide higher levels of support, at lower costs, with fewer resources.

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