AmerisourceBergen: Improving Therapy Initiation with AI

AmerisourceBergen: Improving Therapy Initiation with AI

This case study examines a real-world illustration of AI’s impact on therapy initiation for a leading biologic therapy manufacturer’s patients.

AI-Guided Patient Support Programs

A leading biologic therapy manufacturer, in collaboration with Lash Group and AllazoHealth, transformed therapy initiation through innovative AI-driven patient support.

The Challenge

Low First Fill Rates

The manufacturer of a leading biologic therapy was seeking a way to improve therapy initiation among targeted patient groups. Especially those who are at higher risk of not starting therapy.

The Solution

AI-Guided Patient Support Program

Predictive analytics flag the patients most likely to not initiate prescribed treatment and trigger AI-powered personalized interventions by channel, message, and timing. The manufacturer’s hub service partner, Lash Group, then executes appropriate interventions and the AllazoHealth AI platform digests the data from these follow-up actions. The platform continuously evolves as more patient data is aggregated and acted upon.

The Results

Accelerating First Fill Rates With Better Efficiency

The AI-driven adherence program supported the manufacturer’s objectives by accelerating first-fill rates while improving overall program efficiency. Including: an 8% increase in treatment initiation within 90 days of enrollment among patients with higher adherence risk and a 25% reduction in specific nurse call interventions due to AI targeting, enabling reallocation of nurse time to other needed interventions.

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