AI-Driven Healthcare Outcomes

AllazoHealth makes it easier for pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to drive better health outcomes and increase operational efficiency throughout the healthcare consumer experience.

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Medication non-adherence directly impacts outcomes, costs, and quality

We know all too well how poor adherence can affect our populations and our organizations. That’s why the AllazoHealth AI platform has been purpose built to enable one-to-one patient engagement that improves therapy initiation, medication adherence, patient experience, and health outcomes, while optimizing performance, costs, and efficiencies.

EMPOWERING OUTCOMESTransform your patient support and omni-channel pharma marketing programs with AI

Targeted Interventions

Deliver targeted interventions to the right patients, in the right way, at the right time.

Personalized Engagement

Connect with healthcare consumers in the traditional and digital channels they prefer.

Increased Program ROI

Reduce your program spending with more successful, cost-effective interventions.

Improved Efficiency

Target the most high-risk patients as effectively and efficiently as possible with AI-powered interventions.

Increased Reimbursement

Enjoy increased reimbursements from pay-for-performance contracts because of improved performance.

Clinical Improvements

Drive clinical improvements that have a direct, positive impact on health outcomes and quality ratings.

Be predictive, not reactive

Predict and target high-risk patients with the greatest potential for behavior change. Our artificial intelligence platform seamlessly integrates, analyzes, and makes targeted recommendations based on patient intent data, integrating more than 500 predictors about a person.

Create truly personalized interventions

Unlike technologies that claim to personalize interventions but actually target to persona groups, AllazoHealth’s AI solution securely and compliantly uses identified, patient-level data to determine the optimal channels, content, timing, cadence, and risk factors for each and every individual patient. So you can increase the likelihood of success and improve cost-effectiveness at every stage of the healthcare journey.

VALIDATED RESULTSAllazoHealth outcomes
by the numbers


predictive accuracy


greater medication adherence program performance


increase in days on therapy


lower spending on pharmaceutical interventions

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Blue Cross Blue ShieldImproving Clinical Outcomes at Lower Costs

Learn how Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina used artificial intelligence to achieve a 5.5x uplift in medication adherence and a 23% reduction on intervention spend.

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Case StudyProven to raise adherence rates for
omni-channel patient support programs

WalgreensEvaluating AI-Powered Adherence for At-Risk Patients

Discover how Walgreens partnered with AllazoHealth to advance health equity by delivering AI-driven interventions to high-risk patients based on social vulnerability.

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AmerisourceBergenImproving Therapy Initiation with AI-Driven Patient Engagement

Learn how Lash Group and AllazoHealth leveraged the power of AI to optimize patient engagement interventions.

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