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Improving Medication Adherence to Specialty Drugs
Establishing KPIs for your medication adherence program

Maximize Medication Adherence by Defining the Right KPIs

Are you measuring what matters most for your brand? Many key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to measure the success of adherence programs, and they can vary across different pharmaceutical companies and settings. For example,…

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Using AI in the Era of Value-Based Care

Using AI in the Era of Value-Based Care

Enter the Era of Value-Based Care In recent years, rising healthcare costs have prompted a shift from fee-for-service payment models to pay-for-performance, or “value-based,” reimbursement. Alternative payment models have transformed healthcare as we know it,…

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Improve Adherence with Patient-Centered Care

How Patient-Centered Care Can Improve Medication Adherence

Healthcare is transitioning to a patient-centric approach powered by healthcare consumerism. Patients have fast become consumers first, and with the freedom to make decisions about their health journeys, they’re looking for healthcare choices that put…

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Improve Medication Adherence in Children

Maximizing Pediatric Medication Adherence

Boosting medication adherence is consistently a top priority in healthcare. Emerging technologies have introduced several new ways for pharmacists, providers, and care teams to proactively identify and intervene when patients are non-adherent, and although these…

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Two recent studies show smart pill bottles have positive impact
4 Consequences of Medication Non-Adherence
Timing Is Everything: The Importance of Taking Medication on Time
Artificial Intelligence is highly beneficial when it comes to Medication Adherence

How to Implement AI Across Every Stage of the Drug Lifecycle

Nearly all pharmaceutical companies build and launch patient support programs to improve therapy initiation and medication adherence. Patient support is essential for helping optimize medication use and increasing engagement with patient-centered initiatives. Offering artificial intelligence…

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