AllazoHealth Appoints Patient Services Innovator Steve Cohan as Advisor


New York, NY –  AllazoHealth, the AI and predictive analytics company focused on predicting and changing patient behaviors through precision engagement, announced today that Steve Cohan will be joining the company’s Advisory Board. Prior to joining AllazoHealth, Mr. Cohan was a Senior Vice President at CVS Health and is currently a Board Member at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island.

“We are so pleased to have Steve join our board,” said Clifford Jones, the CEO and Founder of AllazoHealth. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about the payer and PBM spaces, which will be incredibly valuable as we continue to grow the business within these segments.” Medication non-adherence is considered one of healthcare’s most pervasive yet manageable issues today, costing the healthcare system up to an estimated $300 billion in avoidable costs. Mr. Jones noted, “Because non-adherence so clearly undermines patient health outcomes, certain adherence metrics directly drive annual bonus payments from CMS. In fact, 37% of CMS Part D Star Ratings are directly and indirectly impacted by medication adherence measures.”

Mr. Cohan brings over 23 years of leadership experience within the healthcare and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industries, with a specific focus on health & wellness and health management services. As the enterprise head for Health Plan Sales and Account Services at CVS Health, Mr. Cohan led the growth of the business across the full suite of services, including the Retail Network, PBM, Specialty Pharmacy, and Minute Clinic programs. For his efforts, Mr. Cohan was named the winner of the prestigious CVS Health Chairman’s Award in 2010.

Mr. Cohan commented, “I am thrilled to contribute to AllazoHealth’s goals to bring its AI-driven tools and technology to increase medication adherence while optimizing intervention costs. There are a wide variety of beneficiaries of AllazoHealth’s solutions including patients, payers, PBM’s and other participants in the overall health care value chain.”

Mr. Cohan will be joining AllazoHealth’s advisory board effective immediately.

View the full press release here.