AllazoHealth Founder/CTO Clifford Jones and CEO William Grambley Recognized as ELITE 2023 Entrepreneurs 

New York, NY – AllazoHealth is pleased to announce that Founder and CTO Clifford Jones and CEO William Grambley have been recognized as ELITE 2023 Entrepreneurs by PM360, a leading journal for pharmaceutical marketing professionals. Entrepreneurs on the list are noted as visionary risk-takers who develop new companies to answer unmet needs.

Jones and Grambley created AllazoHealth after witnessing other patient engagement platforms fail to address systemic challenges of medication adherence. They set out to build an entirely new kind of system. Unlike technologies that enable cohort or persona-based targeting, AllazoHealth’s AI platform securely and compliantly uses identified patient data to target the optimal interactions for each and every individual.

While working together at CVS Health, Jones and Grambley helped to spearhead the company’s Pharmacy Advisor Program, which grew from concept to serving more than 14 million patients and contributed in raising CVS Health clients’ Medicare Star Ratings to their highest levels ever. But they recognized that their work represented just the tip of the iceberg for addressing patient needs for medication initiation and adherence—and this realization ultimately led to AllazoHealth.

According to Jones, “We saw the results of our work but knew we could do better, dig deeper. We had the research to bear out our theories and a vision of using AI to create better outcomes.” In addition to patient-level data, the AI that powers these predictions has been trained on more than 29 million patient records, more than 2B claims, and 275M interventions that include email, phone, and text. 

From this comprehensive dataset, AllazoHealth can help pharmaceutical manufacturers determine the optimal content, channels, timing, cadence, and risk factors for each and every individual patient. Furthermore, AllazoHealth’s AI continuously learns and improves based on ongoing results, therefore, maximizing patient support program performance and patient health outcomes with use over time.

CEO Grambley said, “The goal of our AI technology is ultimately to increase patient engagement and medication initiation and adherence. And we are partnering with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase patient impact using our technology.”

The platform has been shown to achieve 5.5x greater adherence uplift compared to traditional programs, 2.3x uplift in fill rate, 9 percent increase in therapy initiation, 13 percent increase in days on therapy, and nearly 25% lower spending on interventions. Also, as demonstrated in partnership with Walgreens, AllazoHealth’s technology has helped to advance health equity by delivering AI-driven interventions to high-risk patients and addressing their social vulnerability. The annual ELITE 100 Awards event to celebrate this year’s winners will be held in New York City on Wednesday, June 21.