AllazoHealth is a Winner in the Spring 2024 Digital Health Awards

New York, NY – AllazoHealth was selected as a winner in the Spring 2024 Digital Health Awards program. This competition recognizes the best digital health companies and resources in the United States. The AllazoHealth AI Platform for Medication Initiation and Adherence received a Bronze Award for the Medication Compliance/ Adherence category. 

AllazoHealth is the pioneer driving therapy initiation, adherence, and health outcomes with AI-powered personalization. Using identified patient data and predictive AI, AllazoHealth creates the optimal engagement for each patient by personalizing every communication.

“We’re honored to be selected as a winner. This award not only recognizes the power of using predictive AI to personalize adherence programs, but it’s also a testament to our team’s impact on patients,” said AllazoHealth CEO William Grambley. “Our pioneering AI-enabled personalization solution was chosen from nearly 700 entries judged by a panel of distinguished experts in digital health.”

The advanced AI platform has been proven to boost therapy initiation, adherence, patient experience, and health outcomes. Leveraging patient-level data from both AllazoHealth customers’ data sources, such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as its own database of more than 29 million patient records, AllazoHealth is validated to drive 5.5x greater adherence compared to traditional programs. At the same time, the company also helps customers achieve these results while delivering, on average, 25% cost savings in the process.

AllazoHealth targets the right patients with the right message at the right time via the right channels – at scale – maximizing the impact and efficiency of pharmaceutical patient marketing and patient support programs.

The Health Information Resource Center, organizer of the Digital Health Awards, is a national information clearinghouse for professionals who work in consumer health fields. For the full list of this year’s winner, please visit this website.