AllazoHealth Wins 2017 FiercePharma Innovation Award

New York, NY – AllazoHealth, the industry leader in optimizing medication adherence programs through artificial intelligence (AI), today announced that its AllazoEngine™ platform was named the winner of the Data Analytics & Business Intelligence category in the 2017 Fierce Innovation Awards: Life Sciences Edition.

“We are pleased to be recognized by Fierce for our leadership in making medication adherence programs smarter and more effective,” said Clifford Jones, CEO and Founder of AllazoHealth. “Our product is the only AI platform to be validated to optimize medication adherence programs by a double-blinded, randomized controlled study. As a result, we are gaining substantial traction with pharma manufacturers, payers, and retail pharmacies who seek to increase growth and brand value in an increasingly competitive market environment.”

Studies have shown that the reasons for non-adherence are a complex mix of situational and behavioral barriers that are unique to each patient. However, traditional adherence programs that use rules-based triggers or historical data to target interventions fail to effectively consider the nuances of each patient. “This is both very expensive and highly inefficient,” said Jones. “AllazoHealth is different because we’re not just another intervention services provider with a new tool. As the “upstream brains,” we optimize our clients’ existing adherence programs by determining exactly who should receive interventions and when. This substantially reduces unnecessary spend and ensures that patients are engaged in the most meaningful way to increase adherence rates as much as possible.”

By using the AI platform to predict and identify at-risk patients and then target interventions in message and timing, the AllazoEngine™ achieves a 5.5x greater adherence uplift compared to traditional programs. These results were validated last year in a randomized controlled study conducted alongside a regional health plan in North Carolina across roughly 105,000 patients.

The Fierce award identified the most innovative companies across five categories: Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, Biotech Innovation, Digital Health Solution, Drug Delivery Technology, and Technology Innovation. Winners and finalists were selected by a distinguished panel of judges across the healthcare and life sciences industry, including executives from Verily, PwC, and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

The panel judged applicants within each category based on effectiveness, technical innovation, competitive advantage, financial impact, and true innovation. More information on the evaluation criteria and the judges can be found at this link.

About AllazoHealth
AllazoHealth is a healthcare technology company disrupting the medication adherence industry through the use of artificial intelligence. The award-winning AllazoEngine™ serves as the upstream brains for medication adherence programs, ensuring that each dollar is spent optimally. Adherence programs powered by the AllazoEngine™ consistently achieve 5.5x greater adherence uplift compared to traditional programs.

AllazoHealth’s customers serve over 30 million patients in the U.S., including some of the largest players in the payer, pharmacy, and pharmaceutical industries. The company collaborates with both regional and national payers to improve Star Ratings and HEDIS scores by lifting adherence rates for all metric-eligible patients. AllazoHealth also serves healthcare organizations with a stake in their patient population’s adherence rates and prescription-fill rates, including providers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.