From Persona to Personalization: Getting Started With AI to Deliver One-to-One Patient Support

Getting started with AI to deliver one-to-one patient support eBook

Many pharma professionals have already recognized that personas aren’t enough to provide the personalized experiences patients deserve. Download our eBook to discover how artificial intelligence (AI) can help deliver true personalization to drive better medication adherence and persistence.

Why Personalized Healthcare Experiences Are Needed

This much is clear: patients need support. Today, more than 30 percent of patients fail to fill their prescriptions. Patients are all too aware of the situation: many wish pharmaceutical and healthcare companies would take time to educate them better on their condition and their therapy, reach out in ways that work for them or, at the very least, optimize and streamline the process. For years, companies have leveraged segmentation and personas to support patients in adhering to their prescribed medications, all the while the context has changed. 

What Are Personalized Healthcare Experiences

For pharmaceutical organizations, nothing is more critical than getting to know the patient. Those insights are invaluable, and can be used to tailor the channel, timing, and messaging of interventions, and to curate support programs and experiences as a whole.

The Personalization Effect on Initiation and Adherence

Without true personalization, rather than personas and segmentation, first fill and refill rates will only continue to plummet. Personalization is a much more effective way of connecting with patients, who will more likely to respond if content is tailored to them individually. This encourages the right engagement, driving them toward their next-best-action for positive medication behaviors, and leads to better adherence and persistence.

Getting Started With Healthcare AI

When choosing a third party AI partner, make sure you have robust privacy and security measures in place. It’s critical to understand best practices. The potential of AI is limitless, but ultimately, its power to personalize healthcare experiences will help future-proof your patient support programs and omni-channel marketing.

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