Increasing the Length of Therapy for a Depression Medication

This case study highlights a real-world example of artificial intelligence’s (AI) impact on medication adherence for a leading manufacturer’s major depressive disorder medication (MDD).

The Challenge

Overcoming Barriers to Medication Adherence

Around 50 percent of patients are non-adherent to their MDD. Others never make the first fill. A leading pharmaceutical company knew they needed an effective, efficient way to improve adherence, and they needed it fast.

The Solution

Deepening Patient Engagement with AI

Recognizing the potential benefits of AI-powered patient engagement, the pharmaceutical company turned to AllazoHealth to kickstart an AI-enabled patient support program.

The Results

Increased Length of Therapy

Using AllazoHealth’s AI, the manufacturer increased its patients’ length of therapy by 13.3% (evaluated 180 days after program sign up). Additionally, the AI increased first fill rates by 8.4% for patients who received a co-pay card for the first-fill (evaluated 180 days after program sign up).

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