Boosting Patient Refill Rates: AI’s Impact for Patients In Dual Interventions

Boosting Patient Refill Rates: AI’s Impact for Patients In Dual Interventions

A national retail pharmacy chain partnered with AllazoHealth to determine the effectiveness of using artificial intelligence (AI) to target patients who would best respond to a dual intervention approach and personalize their experience for maximum impact.

The Challenge

Managing Medication Adherence Interventions Efficiently

Deciding how much to invest in patient engagement programs – and how to allocate those investments – is incredibly challenging. Additionally, pharmacies are tasked with determining the impact different intervention strategies will have and ensuring appropriate resource utilization, both in terms of cost and staffing. Facing cost constraints, it’s very difficult for retail pharmacies to make the best possible use of their budget.

The Solution

Using AI to Determine the Best Patient Interventions for Improved Refill Rates

AI can make powerful predictions across a number  of adherence intervention metrics, including which patients to target and the intervention channel, messaging, timing, and frequency that will be most impactful for each of them.

The Results

Greater Uplift in Refill Rate Using AI

When AI selected which patients would benefit most from a dual intervention, those patients were 72% more likely to refill. This resulted in a 2.3x greater uplift in refill rate compared to the regular group.

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