Enhancing Patient Engagement in the New Healthcare Economy

In the New Healthcare Economy, patients are direct consumers and have increased expectations of pharmaceutical companies, including more engagement. Patients are increasingly unwilling to engage with companies unless content, channel, and timeliness explicitly meets their needs and preferences. 

Patients’ evolving role and healthcare consumerism

The New Healthcare Economy is built on meaningful patient experiences. Rather than communicating solely to providers, the focus is now on direct engagement and communication with patients. Patients are now at the center of the healthcare picture and want to feel empowered to guide their own care.

New minimum standards for personalized healthcare experiences

Where patient engagement was beneficial, it is now critical. Pharma patient support programs must make the shift from being seen as ‘transactional’ to collaborative. Targeted support is everything – and broad strokes are not enough.

The role of AI-powered personalization at the individual patient level

Every patient is unique, with different behaviors and preferences. AI helps identify an individuals’ characteristics and captures a closer picture of that patient’s particular need. Robust analytics enable personalization of omni-channel outreach and support strategies at the individual level.

How AI can raise patient satisfaction to maximize program performance and efficiency

With AI, you can focus on those who are most at-risk for non-adherence and receptive to your interventions. AI enables one-to-one healthcare experiences. It determines the optimal channel, content, timing, and cadence for each interaction. Additionally, with AI resources are allocated to where they are needed most so you can be sure your programs are effective and efficient.

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