Why Patient Services Needs AI Now

Webinar: Why Patient Services Needs AI Now

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing, ushering in the New Healthcare Economy. Central to this evolution is a focus on patient-centricity. However, with ever-shifting patient preferences, delivering optimal patient engagement is a challenge.

Healthcare Digital Innovation Insights from Industry Visionaries

Hear from our panel of thought-leaders, including Eduardo Cornejo, a pharmaceutical industry expert on digital innovation and formerly of Sanofi, as they discuss key themes in the New Healthcare Economy, including:

Navigating Healthcare Trends

Uncover the prevailing currents shaping the landscape and driving healthcare consumerism.

Patient Population Dynamics

Investigate the implications of a growing, aging demographic, and how it intersects with healthcare demands.

Rare Diseases and Specialty Drugs

Explore strategies to effectively address the increasing need for patient support in rare disease and specialty drugs.

AI-Powered Personalization

Discover the role of modern AI-driven personalization at an individual level. Learn how it maximizes patient support program performance and enhances operational efficiency.

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