Special Report: Behavioral Marketing Trends for Pharma Brands


Produced by MM+M and sponsored by AllazoHealth, this free special report offers a deep dive into how recent innovations in behavioral marketing and economics empower pharma marketers. You’ll learn about how behavioral insights shape strategy and messaging to spur both HCPs and patients to more deeply engage in their care and treatment.

Many in-person patient appointments, rep visits and medical conferences continue to be postponed. Pharma, health systems and payers all recognize that more efficient, effective, and intuitive ways of driving engagement must be pursued.

Find out what’s new in behavioral marketing

Topics covered in this new MM+M special report include:

  • Leveraging behavioral marketing to deliver maximum impact and results
  • How digital health firms are looking to behavioral science to spur adherence
  • A look at medical marketing campaigns that have successfully implemented cognitive science techniques
  • The role of virtual and augmented reality in the overall healthcare landscape

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