The Future of Medicine with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

In the Fall 2019 edition of BioSupply Trends Quarterly, AllazoHealth CEO William Grambley shares how artificial intelligence (AI) will change the healthcare landscape.

“There are so many places where AI is impacting people’s lives that they may not even realize,” Grambley explains. To fully comprehend how AI can impact healthcare, it is vital to understand the basics of the technology – which is based on machine-learning, algorithms, and software with the goal of anticipating human behavior.

For AI to have maximum impact, one must focus on what outcome they hope to achieve. By narrowing the focus and targeting a specific individual, companies can actually make a bigger impact.

In AllazoHealth’s case, working with clients requires them to gather extensive data up front to ensure the AI output is accurate. It is this type of quality control measure that makes the output useful.

“When we work with clients, we end up spending a lot of time asking those questions. I think, just broadly in healthcare [with regard to AI] if you aren’t explicit about what you’re trying to do, then you may run into issues,” says Grambley.

The future of AI is limitless. “If you can get that data over a large enough population and start to analyze it, you can create these types of machine-learning and AI models,” states Grambley.

The things we once thought were impossible now seem to be within reach given the shared human determination and ability to gather appropriate data.

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