Medication Adherence

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3 Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing for Pharma

3 Benefits of Omni-Channel Marketing for Pharma

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have leaned into omni-channel marketing strategies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their patient support programs, expand their reach, and adapt to ever-evolving consumer expectations. Omni-channel messaging focuses on…

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Patient Support Programs: How to Improve Medication Adherence with AI
Patient Intervention: Effective Tactics for Pharmacies, Payers, and Pharma

4 Tips for a Successful Medication Adherence Program

For healthcare organizations, designing an effective medication adherence program to support patients can be easier said than done. According to AllazoHealth’s William Grambley, CEO, and Linda Schultz, Chief Customer and Clinical Officer, keeping these tips…

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Modernize Pharmaceutical Marketing for Today’s Healthcare Consumer
The Power of Personalization at the Individual Level in Healthcare
AI Regulations in Healthcare
4 Strategies to Improve Patient Medication Adherence
How Machine Learning Can Help With Non-Adherence

How Machine Learning Can Predict Medication Non-Adherence

Machine learning powers many of the services we regularly use, from personalized recommendations on Netflix and Spotify to voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa. In recent years, machine learning has gained momentum in healthcare…

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Improving Medication Adherence to Specialty Drugs
Establishing KPIs for your medication adherence program

Maximize Medication Adherence by Defining the Right KPIs

Are you measuring what matters most for your brand? Many key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to measure the success of adherence programs, and they can vary across different pharmaceutical companies and settings. For example,…

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