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3 Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing for Pharma

3 Benefits of Omni-Channel Marketing for Pharma

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have leaned into omni-channel marketing strategies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their patient support programs, expand their reach, and adapt to ever-evolving consumer expectations. Omni-channel messaging focuses on…

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Patient Support Programs: How to Improve Medication Adherence with AI
The Power of Personalization at the Individual Level in Healthcare
Predictions for Patient Support Programs

3 Predictions for Patient Support Programs in 2023

How technology will take patient support programs (PSPs) to greater levels of effectiveness and efficiency Patients have fast become healthcare consumers, with the freedom and responsibility to make decisions about their health journeys, and in…

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Breaking the Cycle of Non-Adherence: The Case for AI-Driven Personalized Patient Support
4 Strategies to Improve Patient Medication Adherence
How Machine Learning Can Help With Non-Adherence

How Machine Learning Can Predict Medication Non-Adherence

Machine learning powers many of the services we regularly use, from personalized recommendations on Netflix and Spotify to voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa. In recent years, machine learning has gained momentum in healthcare…

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Improving Medication Adherence to Specialty Drugs
Using AI in the Era of Value-Based Care

Using AI in the Era of Value-Based Care

Enter the Era of Value-Based Care In recent years, rising healthcare costs have prompted a shift from fee-for-service payment models to pay-for-performance, or “value-based,” reimbursement. Alternative payment models have transformed healthcare as we know it,…

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Improve Medication Adherence in Children

Maximizing Pediatric Medication Adherence

Boosting medication adherence is consistently a top priority in healthcare. Emerging technologies have introduced several new ways for pharmacists, providers, and care teams to proactively identify and intervene when patients are non-adherent, and although these…

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Timing Is Everything: The Importance of Taking Medication on Time