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Digital Transformation in Patient Support Programs: How to Improve Medication Adherence with AI

Digital transformation has arrived in the pharmaceutical industry, and it’s the way of the future. Embracing the next wave of digital transformation is a must for pharmaceutical companies today. Despite initial hesitation around adopting next-gen technology, more pharma brand managers… Read

How to Implement AI Across Every Stage of the Drug Lifecycle

Nearly all pharmaceutical companies build and launch patient support programs to improve therapy initiation and medication adherence. Patient support is essential for helping optimize medication use and increasing engagement with patient-centered initiatives. Offering artificial intelligence (AI)-powered support services throughout the… Read

Employee Spotlight: Meet Linda Schultz

It’s not every day that you meet someone like Linda Schultz, our chief customer and clinical officer here at AllazoHealth. Learn all about Linda, including how she started her career, the role she’s in now, her personal hobbies and interests,… Read

How Effective is Your Patient Support Program?

Pharmaceutical companies spend more than $5 billion on patient support programs each year, but only 3 percent of patients actually use them. So what gives? What does an effective patient support program look like, and why do so many fall… Read

“Adherence Intelligence” is the new AI

How recognizing the unique characteristics of each patient optimizes resources and maximizes impact Medication non-adherence is an age-old problem that pharmaceutical companies have been grappling with for decades. According to industry research, the global pharmaceutical industry loses more than $600 billion a… Read

Patient intervention data for pharma, payers and pharmacies: FAQ

AllazoHealth CEO Clifford Jones and Chief Operating Officer William Grambley recently answered questions about patient intervention data: what it is, how clients employ it, and how AllazoHealth uses this data to accurately predict individual patient behavior. Is using patient intervention… Read

How is the Pharmaceutical Industry Addressing Medication Adherence?

Medication non-adherence continues to be one of the most widespread issues faced by the pharmaceutical industry. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, approximately 50 percent of people with chronic illnesses stop taking their medications within one year of… Read

Artificial intelligence: What it is and what it’s not

There are a lot of companies that claim they offer solutions that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and/or machine learning. But what exactly does that mean? AI and machine learning Artificial intelligence is a system that learns. It acquires… Read

Election 2020: The impact on medication adherence

This year’s election could have a major effect on adherence rates. Here are some possible changes in healthcare policy that could be enacted under Trump or Biden, and the impact on adherence. Revocation of the ACA In November, the Supreme… Read

Case study: Leading pharma brand achieves 4.6x increased days on therapy

Overcoming an adherence challenge This case study shows how a leading pharmaceutical company used AI to optimize engagement in their patient support program. The program saw 15 additional days on therapy compared to non-AI targeting, as well as 5 times… Read

Improve adherence with patient psychology

Barriers to medication adherence can take the form of social determinants such as housing, employment and access to pharmacies – and systemic barriers such as pre-approvals, multiple prescriptions and affordability. But psychological barriers also play a major role. Understanding these… Read

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