4 keys to a successful medication adherence program

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With medication non-adherence costing the industry more than $600 billion a year, many pharmaceutical companies are creating medication adherence programs, often in conjunction with pharmacists and payers.

According to Andrea Kasprzyk, Director of Sales at AllazoHealth, “The objective of an effective adherence program is to drive patient enrollment, and engage patients in ways that address their individual needs to overcome adherence barriers during their treatment journey. To be effective, the program must be able to focus on patients with the greatest need by allocating and optimizing resources.”

Artificial intelligence can identify those patients, enabling marketers to deliver awareness campaigns, education programs, and motivational support services. “AI allows pharma to leverage the power of predictive analytics to deliver personalized engagements,” Kasprzyk says.

How to build a successful medication adherence program

Kasprzyk offers four keys for pharma marketers looking to create a medication adherence program:

  1. Define primary goal and program objectives, and align on measurable KPIs that address the current adherence challenge.
  1. Plan for periodic reinforcement strategies, including reevaluating your program to assess its effectiveness and determine how well it meets patient needs — get input from patients directly, by leveraging insights from advocacy groups and market research.
  1. Establish measurement timelines to set clear expectations across key stakeholders.
  1. Implement a communication plan to share progress and performance metrics with your broader team and/or organization.

Early involvement from internal stakeholders

According to Kasprzyk, when planning adherence measurement programs, it’s crucial to get early involvement from internal stakeholders such as the analytics and forecasting team.

“When I worked for a pharmaceutical company, I was part of the multi-channel brand team. It was my responsibility,” she says. “But I also had input from key stakeholders such as the payer, marketing, analytics, and forecast teams – there were lots of people involved in deciding what we wanted to measure, and how it was to be calculated. Ultimately all stakeholders in the adherence program were recognize in the brand’s improved performance!”

About AllazoHealth

AllazoHealth uses artificial intelligence to make a positive impact on individual patient adherence. We help pharmaceutical companies optimize their patient support programs to overcome barriers to adherence for at-risk patients. The result: better patient outcomes, increased persistence, and stronger brands.

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