AllazoHealth Now Offers AI Optimized Therapy Initiation

Artificial Intelligence Patient Care

AllazoHealth continues to lead in advancing the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Building on our success in medication adherence, we have expanded our implementation of AI to include therapy initiation.

Barriers to therapy initiation

Therapy initiation is a critical step in the patient journey. It refers to the first time a patient fills a prescription. The barriers to successful therapy initiation can be high, especially with specialty medications. Once a patient receives the prescription, they may have to wait to fill due to an adjudication process for pre-approval. Once they get approval, patients might be reluctant to fill their prescription at an unfamiliar facility, such as a specialty pharmacy. Patients might also put off fills because they feel uninformed about the new drug or concerned about side effects. The out-of-pocket cost of the drug can strongly affect the patient’s decision to fill the prescription. And the dosing method, such as a self-injectable, might be challenging as well.

A commitment to better outcomes

Both specialty pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are committed to improving therapy initiation for specialty drugs because it leads to better clinical outcomes. Specialty pharmacies receive greater reimbursement per patient for specialty drug prescriptions compared to regular medications. But in return, specialty pharmacies make significant investments to support patients in therapy initiation, so they must ensure their programs are cost-effective.

Pharmaceutical companies need to achieve clinical and revenue objectives for their specialty medication. As a result, their therapy initiation programs need to succeed for as many patients as possible.

How AllazoHealth improves therapy initiation

AllazoHealth’s AI technology learns from comprehensive data sets that include claims data, medical data, patient interventions and social determinants of health. The AI can accurately target which individual patients are unlikely to initiate therapy – and if they will be receptive to interventions. In addition, it can determine what kind of intervention will be most successful – by channel, content and timing.

AI optimized interventions are effective in later stages of therapy initiation, after adjudication, when patients are ready to fill their prescriptions. Or it can be used in early stages, if patients opt-in for co-pay assistance or a CRM program.

About AllazoHealth

AllazoHealth uses artificial intelligence to make a positive impact on individual patient behavior. We optimize therapy initiation, medication adherence and quality outcomes for pharmaceutical companies, payers, and pharmacies. Our AI technology targets individual patients with the right intervention and content at the right time.

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