Optimizing DIR contracts and achieving adherence measures

Artificial Intelligence Patient Care

Pharmacies can use artificial intelligence to make adherence improvements that meet the goals of their payer contracts, specifically the ones known as DIR (direct and indirect remuneration).

When it comes to getting reimbursements, adherence plays a key role in DIR. AllazoHealth’s experts know that a retail pharmacy chain can incur a significant financial impact for not achieving adherence thresholds in just one payer contract. On the other hand, pharmacies also have to determine which payer contracts are worth an investment in adherence programs.

Targeted interventions, better outcomes

There are an abundance of new intervention tools in addition to live calls, such as SMS, apps, and telehealth—all of which can make an impact on patient behavior and deliver messages such as adherence barrier assessment, medication reminders, education, and motivational coaching. But these interventions are often mass targeted, to patients grouped in general segments, and engage patients only on the simplest of terms, such as medication reminders for missed refills.

Leveraging artificial intelligence to support adherence

AI can be used by pharmacies for personalized interventions. AI can identify individual patients at risk, predict if their behavior can change, and predict the most effective interventions. In addition, AI can determine which DIR metrics will deliver the greatest impact.