AllazoHealth Advocates Collaborative Approach with Industry Leaders for AI Regulations in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence Medication Adherence Patient Engagement

Recently, the Biden-Harris Administration released a new fact sheet taking new steps to advance responsible AI research, development, and deployment. The goal of the fact sheet is to “protect individuals’ rights and safety and deliver results for the American people.”

Separately, the Food and Drug Administration released its own papers regarding AI for drug development and AI for drug manufacturing

AllazoHealth’s Recommendations for Responsible AI Research, Development, and Deployment

Both the White House and the FDA called for public comment, and AllazoHealth offers this statement: 

AllazoHealth is a pioneer in the use of AI for improving healthcare experiences and has always operated ethically and in the best interests of the public. 

AllazoHealth analyzes identified data using proprietary AI-driven technology to learn about and guide the initiation of and adherence to prescription medications for each person. The AI output enables companies that make medication and offer patient support programs to personalize interventions and develop new and better ways of helping patients in starting and staying on therapy based on their provider’s recommendations, leading to optimal experiences and outcomes for every individual. 

How Artificial Intelligence Technology Has Benefited Patient Experiences

Our data shows that this use of AI is benefitting patients: 

  • 8% increase in therapy initiation rate 
  • 2.3x uplift in first fill rate 
  • 13% increase in days on therapy 

In addition: 

AllazoHealth fully supports a significant effort to prevent AI technology from being used for destructive or dangerous means and to understand how AI is being developed to benefit the public. We agree with many experts who suggest an independent regulatory body is not necessary and that current offices of the administration can reliably govern these AI issues, as they have been doing so far.  

Charting the Path Forward: A Leadership Advisory Council for Responsible Shaping of AI Regulations in Healthcare

We also believe that leaders in the field—like AllazoHealth—have a responsibility to set strong models for the appropriate uses of the technology. For these purposes, we suggest the creation of a leadership advisory council made up of representatives from companies, academia, and experienced AI practitioners to advise the administration and FDA, bring issues to the forefront, and weigh the benefits and short- and long-term risks of AI applications. AI use will continue to grow exponentially as more entrepreneurs develop use cases that leverage it. Effective monitoring is a critical first step in understanding how and why AI has applications in every part of daily life. Regulations will come in time, as AI is harnessed to create a better world for us all. For now, though, AllazoHealth suggests that the government take a watch-and-learn approach with the guidance of AI leaders across the country.